It will replace my 2016 Model S even if I'm going to have a little trouble to let it go...

With the arrival of the Tesla Model Y, I decided to set myself a new challenge: to recharge it entirely and exclusively on the public charging network. I will therefore only use public charging stations and I will avoid charging on superchargers (too easy).

Madame is delighted, she will have our home charging station all to herself!

My goal with this challenge? Make full use of the Chargemap app and the Chargemap Pass to continue improving the charging experience on public networks. Using charging stations as much as possible to face with user constraints. Always with the ambition of offering the best app and the best pass for recharging at all charging stations.

Goodbye home and work charging, with a single exception: the (rare) recharges performed for testing the supervision developed for Chargemap Business and the tests for the development of charging equipment by Mister EV. A maximum of 2-3% of the charges.

Recharging exclusively at public terminals will involve constraints and additional costs, but I am convinced that this experience will allow me to have a better knowledge of the infrastructures and the problems associated.

It will also allow me to better understand the users of charging stations. Indeed, discussions begin quite quickly around the terminals and new users often need a helping hand and some advices!

I’ll share my thoughts and feedback on this new challenge!