This Megane is intended to be rented to the Brakson group's employees (Chargemap, Mister EV, Automobile Propre, etc.) so that everyone in our team can experiment electric vehicles even without owning one.

Each of our employee can rent an electric car for the week-end, holidays or just for the week. This is one of the many advantages of working with us! (yes, we’re hiring)

I must admit that I ordered the Megane without ever having tried it!

I had never even seen it in real life before, apart from the video test drive on the Automobile Propre YouTube channel!

And when we received it, I was not disappointed! I find it very beautiful and well designed. Renault has really built a beautiful and accurate product!

But I chose to go for a Megane rather than any other vehicle for a very specific reason.

It's because it's the first car to really democratise the Android Automotive on-board system. It's a HUGE step forward in the perceived quality of the Megane's infotainment.

The most interesting thing about Android Automotive is the possibility of developing applications that can access some vehicle data to improve the experience. For example, accessing the battery level is essential when developing an EV route planner...

So we will be able to bring the Chargemap application to the dashboard of cars equipped with Android Automotive and our Megane will be our laboratory!

I can't wait to see what we will build on this platform in the coming years!